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The Nuclear Skills Strategy Group is the employer-led skills lead for the nuclear industry and provides one voice to Government.

Our focus

The Nuclear Skills Strategy Group (NSSG) is an employer-led network representing the civil and defence nuclear sectors in the UK and acts as one voice to Government. The NSSG works closely with Government (including through the Nuclear Skills Taskforce) on targeted actions to identify skills gaps in comparison with the UK’s nuclear ambitions and the necessary skills and qualifications to address these. NSSG has provided the industry-wide expertise needed to understand key skills issues and helped set a strategic direction for the civil nuclear sector. 

Our board Members

Meet the members of the Nuclear Skills Steering Board of the NSSG - leading organisations which provide guidance on the skills challenges facing our sector.
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Enabling Forum

The Nuclear Skills Enabling Forum works with organisations which support the delivery of skills and identify cost-effective solutions to the biggest skills risks.
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Task and finish Groups 

Time-specific and agile groups taking practical steps to fixing critical skills gaps.
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Strategic Partnerships

The NSSG partners with a range of leading organisations across nuclear to help deliver a skills system which will meet the needs of the sector.
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Skills Activities

Find out more about the specific workstreams NSSG members are actively engaged in. 
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Our insight

Our insight and analysis of the UK nuclear workforce provides the robust evidence base for informed decisions on skills planning. 
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Working Together

The Nuclear Skills Delivery Group is the employer-led Nuclear Industry Skills lead and provides ‘one voice’ to government.
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