A range of practical resources that highlight the role scope and work of the NSSG. If there's something in particular you're looking for please get in touch with our support team. 

NSSG Explained

Optimising Skills For Our Nuclear Future - a useful guide that explains the role, approach and delivery model of the NSSG.

NSSG Slide Deck

A few key slides which serves as an introduction to the work the NSSG.

One Voice Video

Short explainer video covering the NSSG role as the employer-led skills lead, providing ‘one voice’ to government.

Nuclear Skills Bootcamp

These bootcamps are designed as acceleration programmes to attract career switchers looking to build sector-specific skills. Employers within the sector are invited to watch this webinar to find out how skills bootcamps can support talent development.

Working Together

The Nuclear Skills Delivery Group is the employer-led Nuclear Industry Skills lead and provides ‘one voice’ to government.
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