Published: 9th April 2024

Learners to gain vital skills for careers in nuclear health physics

Nuclear Skills Delivery Group, NUVIA and National College for Nuclear launch Health Physics Bootcamp.

Learners will be able to gain vital skills to begin their careers in nuclear health physics through a new intensive training course.

The Nuclear Skills Delivery Group (NSDG), industry-leading experts NUVIA and National College for Nuclear (NCfN), have launched a Health Physics Bootcamp, offering a comprehensive education in health physics principles, radiation protection and safety.

The Health Physics Bootcamp is one of a series of bootcamps being developed to address the pressing skills needs for the most critical professions in the nuclear sector – recognising the importance of building a skilled workforce to maintain safety, drive innovation and support growth in the industry.

The intensive seven-week training programme is designed to accelerate the learning of newly recruited health physics monitors, helping them become effective in their roles and support their continued professional development.

Designed to turbo charge existing skills activity in the nuclear sector as part of the National Nuclear Strategic Plan for Skills, the Health Physics Bootcamp combines theoretical instruction with hands-on practical exercises and real-world case studies, providing participants with a dynamic learning experience.

It also includes personalised mentorship by experienced nuclear industry professionals, guiding learners through their training with insights, advice, and best practice.

The launch is a significant milestone in building the skills for the nation’s nuclear capability while providing a unique opportunity for aspiring professionals or career switchers to acquire specialised knowledge and practical skills directly relevant to their career aspirations. It underscores the industry's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a skilled workforce capable of meeting the challenges and opportunities presented by the evolving nuclear landscape.

Nuclear Skills Programme Director for the NSDB, Beccy Pleasant, said:

"This exciting collaboration is an important milestone in growing the skilled, motivated and inspired workforce required to deliver the UK’s priorities for national security and energy resilience."

"This bootcamp will be a crucial starting point for learners to develop their careers in this exciting field"

Health Physics Director at NUVIA, Greg Antill, said:

"We’re proud to collaborate with NSDG in launching this transformative programme, dedicated to shaping the next generation of Health Physicists. This programme represents a significant milestone in our shared mission to promote the fantastic opportunity the nuclear sector has to offer."

Strategic Partnership Director at NCfN, Donna Connor, said:

"NCfN is delighted to support the NSDG and NUVIA in the development of the Nuclear Health Physics Bootcamp. This collaborative effort presents an exceptional opportunity to design a curriculum tailored to nurture fresh talent and pave the way for their entry into the nuclear sector."

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