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Project Overview

The safety case skills shortage, was identified by NSSG members as one of the 11 priority areas. It is classified as a nuclear skill, ie a skill required specifically as a result of nuclear activities.  

Problem Statement

It is widely recognised that the nuclear sector is facing a shortage of SQEP safety case professionals with the sector experiencing upto a 50% shortfall across some sites. NSSG members report that it is becoming more and more difficult to secure the SQEP resources required with this problem also being felt throughout the supply chain. All organisations are facing stiff competition to recruit, whilst he pool of safety case professionals remains small and the lack of apprenticeships/training pathways at any level other than masters, means that there is no efficient and productive method of attracting, recruiting and developing early career entrants into the profession. 
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Project Milestones



Phase complete


Phase Complete


Phase not yet started

Business case approved and funding secured

4th December 2023
The NSSB agreed the recommended actions and the Nuclear Skills Taskforce agreed to fund them.

Recommended actions considered and agreed by NSSB

20th October 2023
The group produced a list of recommended actions meeting the needs that were shown in the previous phase.

Problem explored and defined

5th April 2023
The group reviewed the skill needs in Safety Case within the Nuclear sector and produced a report showing the highest priorities.

Project Team

Chaired by Neil Barton (MOD) this task and finish group consists of cross-sector specialists with demonstrable expertise in the supply and demand of safety case  skills for the nuclear sector. For more information about the work of this group contact

Working Together

The Nuclear Skills Delivery Group is the employer-led Nuclear Industry Skills lead and provides ‘one voice’ to government.
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