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Project Overview

The United Kingdom is facing a potential shortage of skilled professionals in the radiation protection sector. Left untreated this could pose an increasing, risk to public health, the environment, the regulation of and success of the nation's nuclear industry. This project group has been established to make a number of recommendations aimed at attracting new candidates into the profession, encouraging mid-career transition into the sector, whilst facilitating the integration of people from diverse educational and social backgrounds and enhancing retention rates.

Problem Statement

The issues associated with the shortage of radiation protection skills are multifaceted and interconnected. The ageing workforce means that the field is losing experienced personnel at a faster rate than they are being replaced. The low entry rates suggest a lack of awareness or interest in the sector among students and young professionals. The lack of mid-career transitions points to potential barriers to entry for those considering a career switch. Finally, the high attrition rates indicate issues with job satisfaction, career progression, or work-life balance.
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Project Milestones



Phase complete.


Phase complete


Phase not yet started

Business case approved and funding secured

4th December 2023
The NSSB agreed the recommended actions and the Nuclear Skills Taskforce agreed to fund them

Recommended actions considered and agreed by NSSB

13th October 2023
The group produced a list of recommended actions meeting the needs that were shown in the previous phase.

Problem explored and defined

1st March 2023
The group reviewed the skill needs in Radiological Protection within the Nuclear sector and produced a report showing the highest priorities.

Project Team

Chaired by James Law (EDF) this task and finish group consists of cross-sector specialists with demonstrable expertise in the supply and demand of radiation protection skills for the nuclear sector. For more information about the work of this group contact nssgmembers@cogentskills.com

Working Together

The Nuclear Skills Delivery Group is the employer-led Nuclear Industry Skills lead and provides ‘one voice’ to government.
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