Enabling Activities 

Co-ordinated and collective action on skills policy matters relating to nuclear.

Skills Landscape

From developing apprenticeship standards and supporting the provision of training to promoting nuclear as a destination of choice, NSSG members work accross a diverse range of exciting 'enabling' projects designed to grow nuclear talent pipelines.
Boosting nuclear knowledge in schools to build workforce of the future
NSSG members have partnered with curriculum specialists Developing Experts to create range of tools for teachers and students. The resources......
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Vocational Education Group
The Vocational Education Group is an industry-led group that proactively engages in the design of, a fit-for-purpose vocational system that......
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Capability & Capacity Review
Project Outline:  To understand the current capacity of existing nuclear skills provision against demand and the barriers to the upscaling......
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Working Together

The Nuclear Skills Delivery Group is the employer-led Nuclear Industry Skills lead and provides ‘one voice’ to government.
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